Additive Manufacturing: Behavior-Based Concrete Deposition

Innsbruck, Austria
Technology Seminar: Robotic Fabrication

situatedFabrications explores design through generative fabrication methods that utilise situated robotic protocols to engage in real-time sensing and fabrication behaviours. As a behaviour-based approach to 3D Printing in concrete, robot operations negotiate pre-determined design intention, real-time feedback and encoded algorithmic design behaviours in order to produce novel Additively Manufactured works. The seminar focused on the design and prototyping of a concrete architectural screen partial mockup. Digital and physical processes will aim to embody spatial, formal and material affects that arise from their integrated design and production process. Messy and engaging; these processes involve novel forms of participation and in-direct control, and aim to challenge the explicit nature of established robotic fabrication procedures. 

Visiting Professor: Robert Stuart-Smith

Academic Chair: Marjan Colletti

Academic Staff:  
Johannes Ladinig, Georg Grasser, Pedja Gavrilovic,  

Andreas Auer
Monique banks
Marcus Bernhard
Thomas Bortondello
Marc Differding
Christophe Fanck
Konstantin Jauck
Emanuel Kravanja
Jil Medinger
Sonia Molina-Gil
Pol Olk
Michael Schwaiger
Mario Shaaya
Melina Stefanova
David Stieler
Theresa Uitz
Matthias Vinatzer
Alexandra Zeinhofer